Majority of the lawyers or the professionals who are licensed to practice law, are commonly part of a business entity called as law firm. A law firm is typically formed by a lawyer or group of lawyers to engage or employ in their practice of law. The basic services offered by this specific business entity are to offer their recommendation or advice their clients, which can either be an individual or companies, of their legal responsibilities and rights, and their other services is to represent their clients in various cases, which can either be a criminal or civil type.


A law firm can be organized or arranged in different ways, which may depend on the jurisdiction where the firm practices their profession. The common arrangements of law firms include Limited Liability Company, professional corporations, sole proprietorships, general partnership, LLP or limited liability partnerships, and professional association.


Law firms may also vary in sizes. The smallest law firms are composed of lawyers at that tend to practice their profession on their own. The smaller law firms, on the other hand, are focusing more on the specific specialty of the law, such as personal injury, labor law, patent law, criminal defense, and tax law. The larger-sized firms, are commonly composed of various groups that specializes in their practice, which typically allows them to expand their market and their client base, and tends to offer an array of services to the people who hired them. The services offered by larger-sized law firms are divided into two departments, namely the litigation department and the transactional department. The services offered by the transactional department include handling transactional legal work, such as handling necessary legal filings and legal applications, evaluating and ensuring compliance with the relevant law, drafting contracts, and providing legal advices.


The services offered by the litigation department include handling necessary matters, such as motions and discovery filed with the legal court, and representing their clients during trial in the court. There are definitely a lot of law firms that can be found in every parts of the world, and most of the lawyers from who are part of such business entity are more experienced, knowledgeable and skillful in their profession. The people who needs the services of the best lawyers in their local area, are advised to hire the ones who are part of a law firm, and they can locate them through the use of the internet or through the recommendations of families and colleagues.



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